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Discover the Benefits of Crypto Trading with TradeMutual
TradeMutual simplifies crypto trading -
deposit stablecoins on our platform and let our experts trade bluechip crypto on your behalf and generate profits.

Profit from Crypto Trading in any market condition

Earn profits without trading yourself

Strong tokenomics for sustainable growth

Exclusive benefits for Investors Club members

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Launching our first early stage investment Fund SOON!!

Early stage fund will invest in promising crypto projects early in the seed round, private sale, and IDO stages. Investing in projects in early stage can be very profitable and it will allow retail investors to earn high returns.

How it works

Retail investors deposit stablecoin in early stage fund
Our experts invest pooled funds in promising early stage projects
We declare results quarterly and deposits profits into our investors wallets

$TRAM Token Utility

TRAM is TradeMutual's utility token with a total supply of 11 million. Token utilities are designed to promote sustainable TRAM price appreciation
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Profit Sharing

TRAM holders will receive 15% of the profits from investing
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Investor Club Access

Investors holding 5K+ TRAM tokens get access to the investor club
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Community Rewards

Active participation in comunity events and dao proposals
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Liquidity Provider Rewards

Early stablecoin depositors will be rewarded in TRAM tokens
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TRAM holders vote on DAO proposals for decentralized governance
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